This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

October 16, 2014  

    Host Dave Lindorff, who is fluent in Chinese and spent five crucial years in Hong Kong as a correspondent for Business Week during the run-up to the 1997 handover of the British colony to Chinese sovereignty, talks about the several weeks-long democracy movement demonstrations in that city -- what the history of democracy and liberty struggle is in Hong Kong, who is behind the current protests, and about the nefarious and treacherous effort by neocons in the US government to hijack that movement and to use it towards their ends of causing turmoil and trouble for the Chinese government. Lindorff also talks about two other news events that "can't be happening,": the latest suprising victory of Occupy activist Cecily McMillan, whom a jury just found not guilty of obstructing police when she informed two arrested turnstile jumpers of their rights and videotaped police arresting them, and the effort in the Pennsylvania legislature to pass a law preventing not just Mumia Abu-Jamal, but all prisoners sentenced for violent crimes, from speaking or publishing outside of prison.

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