This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

June 20, 2014  
Host Dave Lindorff talks with Dr. Carol Burris, principal of South Side High School in Rockville Center, NY, about the new "Common Core" math curriculum being used by about 70 percent of the public schools in New York, to the consternation of most children, parents and teachers.  Burris blasts the state and the country for ramming "Common Core" down on school systems, teachers and children, instead of introducing it in a measured, coherent way, starting with the very lowest grades, suggesting that the main agenda seems to be to attack teachers. Meanwhile Dave exposes the questionable financial and political motives of the company, Common Core Inc., that was paid $14 million to produce the NY curriculum, which Common Core Inc. is now marketing to states across the country.


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