This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

March 19, 2015  

Robert Zarr, a Washington DC-based pediatrician and president of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), a long-time leader in the campaign to bring single-payer health care on the Canadian model to the US, spoke with "This Can't Be Happening!" host Dave Lindorff about why US health care is so complicated and expensive, and why the so-called Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), is doomed to fail, both at reducing costs and at guaranteeing health care access to all Americans. 

March 12, 2015  

'This Can't Be Happening' host Dave Lindorff discusses the recent coup plan disrupted by police in Venezuela with veteran journalist Alfredo Lopez -- a story largely blacked out or mocked as bogus by the US corporate media despite solid evidence of a plot, and of US involvement in that plot. Lindorff and Lopez, who are colleagues on the news site, also talk about why President Obama on Tuesday declared Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary national security threat" to the US, and what that declaration means to Venezuela and Latin America. Lopez also talks about the campaign by the telecom industry to try and undo the recent FCC decision in favor of net neutrality.


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