This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

November 12, 2014  

For the Veterans Day /Armistice Day edition of PRN's "This Can't Be Happening!" program, host Dave Lindorff invited on folksinger-songwriter and Iraq Veteran Against the War activist Emily Yates, and colleague and Vietnam War veteran and peace activist John Grant.  Emily, who was just convicted in a kangaroo federal court in Philly of misdemeanor assault against four burly National Park Police who last year pounced on her in Independence Park, just opposite where the Founders inked the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Her "crime" -- not leaving the park grounds when they told her to, without giving her any reason. Emily, who served two tours in Iraq talks about the irony of "serving" her country as it descends into being a police state. John talks about the growing recognition that veterans of America's imperial wars are just being given lip service by the public and the government on holidays like this one.


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