This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

May 15, 2014  

The case of Occupy activist Cecily McMillan, currently jailed at Riker's Island without bail while awaiting sentencing for felony assault of a police office, is discussed by her attorney, Martin Stolar, and by Lucy Parks, a member of her support team at Stolar explains the judge prevented McMillan's defense from making their case to the jury that she had not assaulted police officer, but had in fact been the victim of assault when the officer grabbed her right breast from behind her, causing her instinctively to throw up her arms, hitting him in the eye with an elbow. Both Stolar and Parks say the charge against McMillan, and the Judge's handling of the case and refusal to grant bail show that it's really about sending a message that protest in New York City, especially against the banking industry, won't be tolerated.

May 1, 2014  

Kansas State University English Professor Phil Nel talks with host Dave Lindorff about an attack on free speech and academic freedom at Kansas public universities by the Kansas State Board of Regents, who are trying to say even tenured professors can be fired for things they write or say online, even as private individuals. Nel and Lindorff put this struggle in the context of a national campaign by right-wing groups and politicians to shut down or control free inquiry in higher education.


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