This Can’t Be Happening With Dave Lindorff, addressing environmental and political issues which have been misreported or distorted in the media cycle.

February 26, 2014  

Today's show featured an interview of TCBH! collective member Chuck Young, long-time premiere Rock & Roll writer for Rolling Stone, social critic, and the best reporter to regularly cover the Occupy Wall Street movement, from the street, from its inception until it was brutally ousted from Zuccotti Park by Mayor Bloomberg's  baton and mace-wielding centurians. Chuck will have some choice parting words for the departed mayor of the 1%.

February 19, 2014  

On this edition of PRN's new show "This Can't Be Happening," we talk about Saving the Internet!

Gurst Alfredo Lopez, a life-long political activist, member of the ThisCantBeHappening! collective and founder of the progressive web hosting service MayFirst/PeopleLink, says that the Web is an extraordinary development in global communication and a huge force for democratization that should be a human right. But he warns that it is right now being stolen away by powerful commercial and political forces in the US. Lopez calls for municipalities, like New York City, to fight back by establishing municipally-owned and run hosting services
February 13, 2014  

Government and Corporations know climate change is galloping ahead -- in fact they're planning on how to profit from it. But they're still pretending to the public that it's no big deal. No cause for alarm. With democracy vanishing in the US, how do we move from acknowledging disaster to acting to prevent it?


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